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Can social media help you find your next job?

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Social media is increasingly becoming integrated into the fabric of today’s society. While most people will use it for sharing photographs and messages, it can play a significant role when looking for a new job opportunity. 

LinkedIn (yes, LinkedIn is a social media platform) seems the obvious candidate for job seekers, but you should consider other platforms to make sure you are not missing out on a potential career opportunity.

With the notion of people second-screening (viewing two screens at once), employers have a real opportunity to get their job content in front of potential candidates. LIkewise, more and more employers will actively source candidates through social media, and in some cases, review past online social media activity when considering a candidate for a role.

You should always be aware of any consequence a piece of content may have, now and in the future. But on a positive note, you should use social media to build a good professional reputation and develop relationships that will genuinely benefit your career prospects. 

Here are some simple steps to help you in your job applications.

  1. Keep some things private

Over a sustained period of time build trust with your online connections, especially on Twitter and LinkedIn. There have been instances in which a candidate’s job prospects have been harmed by prospective employers finding undesirable content on their social media accounts.

Similarly by participating in online forums that are related to the industry you are currently working in or hoping to move to, you can become an authoritative figure on the subject matter e.g. Human Resources, Communications.

At the same time, keep your profiles, especially on LinkedIn, up-to-date, adding any relevant training, job roles, projects and campaigns you may have undertaken or delivered.

For platforms that you may use for more social use e.g. Facebook, use privacy settings so any pictures or statuses you would not like any potential employer to see are kept hidden from public view. 

  1. Showcase your experience and skills

In some industries, social media can provide you with a real opportunity to boost your employability.

If you are a creative designer, publish your work on Instagram and tweet about blogs and articles you’ve written. You can also use LinkedIn to publish your portfolio in a blog format.

This will allow any potential employers to find your work easily and make an informed decision if your experience and skill set is what they are looking for.

  1. Get connected

It really can pay dividends to have an up-to-date and well written profile on platforms such as LinkedIn. 

Increasingly more organisations including the Civil Service, are using this platform to reach out to potential candidates after reviewing the experience, skills, and past employer details on a person’s profile.

You may also be able to connect to a vacancy holder or hiring manager on LinkedIn before applying, which will provide you with an opportunity to introduce yourself before an interview and learn more about the role and organisation.


Good luck!


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