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Civil Service Returners Programme Provides Flexible Job Opportunities

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If you’re thinking about returning to work after a break in your career, the Civil Service Returners Programme could be your ideal solution.

The Civil Service is providing flexible working solutions in more of its professions and across the departments. If you are raising a family or caring for a loved one, recovering from an illness, or even living overseas – then the Civil Service could be an employer of choice.

The Civil Service recently introduced a new programme to encourage and assist people back into work. With contracts ranging from 6 weeks to 6 months and many teams offering flexible working arrangements, it’s the flexibility, support and understanding some people have been needed to return to work and start their career once again. for. Some of the exciting job opportunities that have already been recruited for on this scheme include:

Business Improvement Manager, Senior Policy Adviser, Policy lead, Policy Adviser, Policy Team Leader, Private Sector Grant Fund Manager, Business Planning, Administrative Officer, Learning and Development Lead, Policy and Strategy Lead.

After the initial contract, it is believed these employees will have the knowledge, skills and experience (also building upon previous work experience) to apply with for roles across the Civil Service with confidence.

To date, it has been the larger government departments that have advertised various roles on this scheme, including DWP, HMRC and the Home Office to name just a few. However, after a successful launch, it is anticipated that more government departments and agencies will introduce similar opportunities.

Vitae Jobs has written to the Scottish Government and Welsh Government to determine if they are planning to launch a similar scheme.

Eligibility criteria

Returner placements will be open to all individuals who have taken time out of work for at least 2 years or are currently engaged in work that does not make the best use of their skills, competencies and qualifications.

You can view Returner placements and other Civil Service job opportunities here. Please note, most Returner Placement roles have ‘Returner’ in the job advert title.

You can read more about the Civil Service Returners Placement Programme here.

Good luck.


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