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Is now the best time to consider a change of career?

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Did you know the number of jobs currently available in the UK is at its highest since this information has been monitored?

Some reports have suggested nearly 850,000 vacancies were available during the first half of 2019. This is in parallel to the number of people in employment at an all time high (Over 76%), demonstrating work is readily available.

So if you’re a school leaver contemplating an apprenticeship, a graduate looking for your first job or an experienced member of the workforce seeking a career change, now is a good time to be job hunting.

Wales is no exception to this. In a recent BBC Wales article, a tech firm based in South Wales has been unable to recruit the staff it needs, even though it is offering London levels of pay of up to £100,000 a year.

It comes as a government minister recently stated there is a shortage of tech/IT skilled staff across the UK, especially outside of the Great London area.

While salaries clearly play an important role in attracting appropriate staff to a vacancy, the projects and work these specialists will be involved is clearly an influencing factor for candidates when deciding whether to apply or not.

Technology-based roles are increasing dramatically, particularly outside of London. Between 2014 – 2017, there was an increase of over 30% for tech roles in Cardiff. This compares to just over 13% in London during the same period.

So who are the winners?

The candidate of course. With these roles in constant demand, and a company brand not enough to attract potential job seekers, many employers are turning to recruitment companies who use platforms such as LinkedIn, to reach out to individuals who may not have even considered applying. At the same time, in the digital space, many employees are becoming self-employed, earning a much higher day-rate than they would as a permanent employee.

Ultimately employers will need to offer a more attractive package to potential candidates. This could include salary, interesting projects to work on, flexible working, location, brand and work/life balance.

The employment market is definitely becoming more competitive.

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