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House of Commons

Reporting and Projects Control Manager
House of Commons

Salary: £50,870 - £62,642

Fixed Term

Full Time


Closing date: 22 Sep, 2019

Date added: 3 Sep, 2019

Job description

Support the establishment and operation of the Sponsor Commissioning and Delivery Assurance function, particularly the development and implementation of programme status analysis and reporting capability, working closely with the Delivery Authority and the externally procured Programme Representative (P-Rep) team.

– To deputise, as required, for the Deputy Director of Commissioning and Delivery Assurance, working closely with other members of the Shadow Sponsor Body Executive Team; particularly the Parliamentary and Government Relations and Business Case teams to ensure a clear understanding of the requirements to be delivered by the Delivery Team, (and then the Delivery Authority).

– During the shadow period, work closely with the R&R Programme Delivery Director and their team to ensure that elements of the client / delivery relationship are established effectively, particularly the implementation and management of programme status reporting requirements and the establishment of key processes that will operate between the two bodies.

– Act as the focal point within the Sponsor for ensuring accurate and up to date information and reporting on the status of programme delivery, which will provide assurance of the delivery of the major programme of works by the Delivery Authority to the Sponsor, Parliament and key external stakeholders.

– Support the mobilisation and management of the Programme Representative (P-Rep) team.

– In the substantive period, manage the analysis and reporting of delivery of specific scope elements by the Delivery Authority, both directly with the Delivery Authority and through management of the P-Rep team and work closely with the Sponsor Secretariat in the drafting of delivery assurance reporting to the Sponsor Board, Parliament and key stakeholders.

The post holder will be accountable to the Deputy Director of Commissioning and Delivery Assurance for the production of programme delivery analysis, reporting and delivery assurance matters.


– Analysis of the Delivery Authority and P-Rep reporting on delivery of the programme and production of reports which present the Sponsor’s current view of programme delivery status.

– Focussed analysis and reporting on specified deliverables within the Programme Delivery Agreement or providing ‘deep dive’ analysis and reporting on particular matters that may arise.

– Ensuring that the specified Sponsor’s requirements for reporting are clearly understood and met by the Delivery Authority and by the P-Rep.

– Participation in a number of the key processes that will operate between the Sponsor and Delivery Authority including programme delivery, cost and schedule reporting, change control and management of Sponsor’s risk and contingency.

– Continuous monitoring and challenging of the Delivery Authority’s delivery performance, (currently the Programme Delivery Team), to provide assurance to the Sponsor and key stakeholders that the Delivery Authority is delivering specified elements of the Sponsor’s requirements and meeting its obligations under the Programme Delivery Agreement.

– Supporting the Deputy Director of Commissioning and Delivery Assurance in the management of a high-calibre contracted-out Programme Representative team that will be co-located with the Delivery Authority, providing assurance of delivery by acting as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the Sponsor, which will involve:

– providing its own independent, objective and informed analysis, judgement, advice, recommendations and reporting to the Sponsor on progress of all aspects of delivery of the Programme by the Delivery Authority including, but not limited to, delivery of agreed scope to time, cost and quality in a manner that provides value for money;

– advising the Sponsor on the capability and resources deployed by the Delivery Authority on delivery and assurance of the Programme;

– providing evidence and advice to the Sponsor on any apparent risk of Performance Default on the part of the Delivery Authority;

– providing analysis and advice to the Sponsor on proposed Change to Scope of the Delivery Authority, (effectively the Sponsor’s requirements); and

– reviewing and challenging Delivery Authority reporting outputs and conduct independent reviews as necessary to provide assurance to the Sponsor of the adequacy, accuracy and completeness of such reporting.

– Tracking and co-ordinating Sponsor actions in response to advice and recommendations made by the P-Rep, which may involve high level interventions with the Delivery Authority, (e.g. regarding cost, value, schedule, technical, risk or contingency management).

– Tracking, co-ordinating and reporting on Sponsor-generated change and Sponsor risk and contingency.

– Supporting the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion, and upholding them at all times.