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About us

Our story began in 2006 with one simple aim: to improve public services.

We set out to solve some of the country’s most important problems: NHS treatment delays, A&E performance and state school spending, to name a few.

What’s more, we insisted on doing this in a rigorous and optimistic way, with a level of respect and humility, reflecting our own brand of management consultancy.

From a couple of optimistic and determined consultants based out of Russell’s spare bedroom, we have become a fast-growing organisation that is regularly recognised by leaders of public service organisations for the great impact we deliver.

We’ve worked with some of the biggest public service organisations in the UK.

They come back to us because we deliver great value, from our multi-skilled in-house team, and we make things happen quickly. We only work in public services and we’re passionate about making experiences and outcomes better for public service users – your customers and patients.

We’re also focused on skills transfer, so your teams are empowered with the skills and tools they need to continue developing improvement programmes and achieving results without our ongoing involvement.

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