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Centre for Public Scrutiny (CfPS)

77 Mansell Street


E1 8AN

About us

What is the Centre for Public Scrutiny?

CfPS is a national centre of expertise on governance and scrutiny. We passionately believe that better governance and scrutiny leads to more effective decision-making, reduced risk and ultimately improved outcomes. Our work spans corporate decisions impacting on the public to how tax payers’ money is spent. We focus on behaviours and culture, as well as design and delivery.

Our work championing governance and scrutiny in public, private and voluntary sector organisations is for everyone’s benefit. The challenges facing businesses and organisations now and in the future, require collaborative approaches.

What we do

We do this through research, policy development, campaigning, consultancy and training.

Since its launch fifteen years ago, CfPS has supported hundreds of organisations and people.  through leading research, policy and practical support. With a long-track record helping local councils, we also work with a wide range of others including health bodies, housing organisations, membership organisations, government agencies, regulators and private sector businesses. We deliver large improvement programmes on behalf of the Department for Communities and Local Government (through the Local Government Association) and the NHS.

Through our research and policy development we have built a strong evidence base for impact, value and broader benefits of good governance. Our research forms a national library of scrutiny best practice across a range of sectors

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