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About us

There has never been a more important time for local government and wider public services to reinvent themselves. Funding is being radically reduced just as the demands made on services grows. Old rigid models of service delivery, funding and public engagement are no longer fit for purpose.

NLGN believes that local government, their partners, and the communities they lead, must undergo a profound cultural shift to embrace three core ‘changemaking’ values of creativity, collaboration and self-determination. Only then will councils and citizens be able to generate the many innovations necessary to solve our biggest social problems. You can find out more about our changemaking vision in this short paper.

We work closely with our members on practical issues of service delivery and organisational change as well as national policy. Through research, peer-to-peer learning, innovative communications and influencing, we aim to create a local government sector characterised by the relentless pursuit of social impact and social change.
NLGN also seeks to embody the changemaking spirit and values it promotes by taking a creative, non-hierarchical approach to how it runs itself as an organisation.

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