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Parliamentary Research Service (PRS)

Room G11 Norman Shaw South

House of Commons



About us

The Parliamentary Research Service is a pooled research facility open to Labour Members of Parliament to join. The PRS was established in January 2011 and provides research materials and support for our members in their Parliamentary duties.

The PRS is a non-profit membership organisation. Membership is on an annual basis and as The MPs Expenses Scheme published by Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) states, subscription may be paid from MP’s Parliamentary allowance:

“Staffing Expenditure may be used to meet the following costs:…payments to pooled staffing resources”
Page 27, Annual Review of the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses, 2015-16

The Parliamentary Research Service works exclusively for its members. The PRS does not work outside of Parliament or have any other funding than members subscription fees. The PRS is independent of the Labour Party and supports its members exclusively in their parliamentary duties and not in party political activities.

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