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About us

Peaceful Change initiative (PCi) is a not-for-profit network, registered in the UK, with operations in North Africa, the Middle East and Ukraine. It was founded in 2012, shortly after the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa, with the aspiration of responding to some of the challenges facing those societies at a time of such significant and conflictual change. To that end, we:
• Work to support more effective management of conflict in societies undergoing significant change, by increasing skills and opportunities for dialogue, inclusion and collaboration.
• Work at the local, national and international levels to mitigate the effects of violence on people’s lives, while laying the foundations for long-term peace and stability.
• Empower local peacebuilding practitioners and community leaders, and we support their work through a network of international staff and consultants with expertise in a range of disciplines, including mediation and reconciliation, change management, community safety, and psychology.

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