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From a communications and public affairs perspective, organisations worry primarily about two questions: how can they protect and enhance their brand reputation? And how can they change the way decision-makers and influencers think about important issues?
In shaping their reputation, organisations need to think public first. Increasingly, what the media report and what consumers think are influenced by conversations ordinary people have online – on social media platforms, blogs and web forums. We help organisations understand what people are saying about them and why – and create campaigns to help organisations change the conversation around them for the better.

What goes for organisations’ reputations goes for policy change too. Decision-makers and influencers change how they approach policy issues when they hear from coalitions they take seriously. We have been successfully helping organisations create such campaigning coalitions for years on many different issues. We have pioneered an approach that puts ordinary people and trusted third parties at the heart of communications.

We also know changing public policy depends on being able to offer alternatives. For this reason, we take practical policy design very seriously. Our consultants have unrivalled expertise in this area – having worked at the highest level of Government, think-tanks, campaigns, trade associations and charities to come up with ideas decision-makers can implement in the real world.

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