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The Road Safety Trust

About us

The Road Safety Trust is a newly established registered charity.

Its charitable objective is to support road safety research or practical interventions intended to reduce the numbers of people killed or injured on the roads. Practical interventions may focus on education, engineering or enforcement approaches or a mixture of two or all of these.

The charity is governed by eleven trustees and chaired by Anthony Bangham, Chief Constable of West Mercia Police and the national lead for roads policing. The trustees come from a range of backgrounds including the private sector, civil service, higher education, politics and crime reduction. The members of the Trust are the 43 police forces of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The trust also owns a wholly owned trading subsidiary, UKROEd. This company oversees the central administration, development, and quality of six courses currently offered by police officers as an educational alternative to prosecution. Any surplus from the company’s activity is donated to the Trust in order for it to achieve its charitable objectives.

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