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The Crown Estate

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About us

The Crown Estate is a specialist real estate business with an actively managed portfolio of high-quality assets in great locations.

Our role is to make sure that the land and property we invest in and manage are sustainably worked, developed and enjoyed to deliver the best value over the long term. At the heart of how we work is an astute, considered, collaborative approach that helps us create success for our business and for those we work with.

Our vision is to be a progressive commercial business creating significant value beyond financial return. We will work with partners and stakeholders to grow our business, outperforming the market whilst delivering sustainable long-term returns. In everything we do, we are guided by our values – commercialism, integrity and stewardship.

We are above all a commercial organisation, managing an £12.4 billion property portfolio and delivering a net revenue profit of £328.8 million (2016/17) to the Treasury.

Over the past ten years we have increased the capital value of our property portfolio to £13.1 billion and delivered £2.6 billion to Treasury. And over the past three years we have outperformed our IPD bespoke benchmark, returning an impressive 15.3 per cent (annualised bespoke benchmark is 12.5 per cent).

Our strategy continues to focus investment in our core sectors of the West End, dominant regional retail and leisure, agricultural and strategic land, and offshore wind. By concentrating on these areas, where we have critical mass and specialist skills, we are able to gain competitive advantage and outperform the market. Our strategy also guides how we manage The Crown Estate’s principal commercial constraint – our restricted access to capital. We do this through a combination of active capital market trading and by entering into a limited number of strategic partnerships.

But The Crown Estate is more than just a property company and our total contribution, the value we add to UK plc, goes well beyond just the ‘bottom line’.

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