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Three qualities that make a good job

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During the last few years, job seekers are increasingly starting their job search online and are looking for more than just a job that pays well. So what makes a ‘good job’? Could it be the salary, benefits, the remit of the role or following your passion?

Numerous studies in both the US and UK have shown rewards and salaries alone do not keep employees motivated over the long term. Research by Nobel Prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman shows that once your basic needs are met, people do not become happier once the household income reaches a certain threshold.

So what motivates and keeps people happy in their jobs for longer?

  1. The work must be engaging – job seekers should try to find job opportunities that hold their attention and interest, which can be achieved by matching the person’s skills and experience to the job requirements.
  2. Work that benefits other people – research has shown that people who work for not-for-profit organisations and charities experience more accomplishment. Jobs that have a sense of purpose tend to retain staff for much longer.
  3. Work you’re good at and feel valued for – If an employee feels valued and can see themselves as an important part of the improvement process, staff are likely to be more engaged and therefore remain in their role to deliver outcomes.

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